Friday, 5 April 2013

Stella and NARS Dream Team

OK Wow!!! I am loving Stella Tennant being the new face of NARS. She is one of my all time favorite models and never fails to impress. I seem to be seeing her everywhere recently, I don't know if it's the nod to the 90's we've been seeing in fashion or that awesome walk at the London 2012 Olympics that made everyone take notice of her again? Whatever the reason I'm very happy about it.

Her hair in this shoot is just freakin awesome, it's like glamorous grunge!! The way they manage to make it look edgy and modern but still maintain femininity and glamour is exactly the break we needed from the soft, bouncy and done look we've been seeing for too long now. It's also the perfect look for NARS as it goes perfectly with their philosophy of no rules for beauty.

To get this look at home is actually pretty simple. Start off by blow drying you hair with a flat brush, preferably with a product that has a good flexible hold like Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel £14. If your hair is a tad on the curly/frizzy side I would straighten your hair too, but with a bend and not too close to the root so you don't loose the volume. Finish with an old school wax that's going to give your hair hold and shine like Bummble & Bummble Sumowax £21.50 and you're there. But remember, be liberal with your application of wax so you can get that slicked finish look, but make sure not to go overboard. Greasy hair doesn't look good on anyone, except maybe Severus Snape.

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